Plastic parts design

We design plastic parts that are ready for either 3D printing or injection mold design

Metal parts design

We design metal parts that are intended for all types of metal processing from various materials

Assembly design

We develop assemblies with all types of connections, which often include kinematic simulations

Technical documentation

We are preparing the technical documentation of parts from all materials for precise production

Product design and development

The design process starts with understanding your product's vision and goals identifying potential users to interact directly. We then explore visual solutions through sketching before committing to a direction that works best for you! Once decided, our team creates appealing models through plastic or metal parts, using 3D CAD software so everyone can give feedback, including whether they find the completed 3D Model satisfactory or not.

We believe in creating products that help people get what they need and enjoy using them. Our team is committed to designing thoughtful, well-thought-out designs so your brand or vision can come alive through an enjoyable experience with our work. A great design doesn't just happen – it takes lots of thought from the start till the finish! First, we create physical prototypes that replicate the user's concept or imagination for testing purposes before we release anything final into production.

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Digital engineering services

We are a company that helps companies find solutions for the ever-changing world of technology. We offer our clients services in Reverse engineering, Realistic rendering, Animations and Motion Simulations so they can be more efficient around their facilities or office space.

It wouldn't have been uncommon to have one person doing everything needed from scratch a few years ago. Now, with advanced software programs bringing together data across various platforms, this kind of task has become much more accessible by yourself! Our specialty lies in designing custom-made photorealistic renderings for our clients and implementing off-shelf products into existing workflows without disrupting anything.

We strive not just because it's expected but also out of ambition and desire that leads us into uncharted territory where we can be successful by using all aspects at hand, including innovative solutions tailored towards each need.

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Realistic renderings

Motion simulations

Reverse engineering


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